Hi, everybody! Guess what time it is! It’s the beginning of the Nano planning season!

Holy cow, you say, it’s hardly August. You’re working on Nano already? Camp’s barely over. Well, that’s just how devoted leadership is to making Nano awesome for all of us. So, without further ado, here’s your 2018 Nanowrimotown Leadership, woooooo!

MLs Owen, Raine and Eric are all back, with a gazillion years of Nano between them, ready to work WAY too hard at being super awesome. (We don’t deserve you guys.)

Minions Beth, Erika, Conor, Alexis and Michelle have returned. Now introducing brand new minion, Laura! Laura is splendid and talented and we are lucky to have her.

So! What’s going on? Well, a lot of everything that is still in the very early stages, but there are a few bits and bobs to share.

Last year’s fundraising went very well, and we used the money to stock up on all kinds of supplies, like extension cords, button supplies, raffle tickets, and stickers for miles! We are discussing several different kinds of fundraising for this year, all aimed towards maximizing our ability to put on a great event while still respecting everyone’s pockets. So far, we’re looking at a change drive, several raffles, a return of the T Shirt, and…wait for it…Nanowrimotown Bake Sale! More on that to come.

We’re going to have a jam-packed schedule of events this year, including, but not limited to:
Game Night: a return of last year’s pre-nano event.
Kickoff WEEK: Starting with Game Night and ending with Kickoff, we have some extra fun in the works for your last week of sanity.
Kickoff: Lots of activities, including the third annual Kickoff Cookoff. Will you try to earn the Golden Spoon?
Midway: Everybody’s favorite all day writing potluck extravaganza.
Boot Camp: We had such a great time last year, we’re doing it again, bigger, better, and MORE WORD WARS!
One Last Push: Again, we don’t deserve Eric.
TGIO: Aaaaaand breathe.

Inter-regional Word War: We’re challenging Seattle to a rematch! We’re back, bigger, stronger, and wordier than ever before!
InTRA-regional Word War: …wut? What’s that, you say? Welllll….you’re just going to have to wait for that, won’t you?

This year is going to be the Year of Swag! You love your swag, and we love designing it for you.** We have punchcards, we have badge ribbons, we have TWENTY NEW BUTTON DESIGNS! We are going to swag the heck outta you.

**Erika has unilaterally declared herself head of the Art Department. Nobody tried to stop her.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned to hear more as we keep working to pull it all together into another great Nano year.

We’re halfway there!  Who’s panicking?

Tomorrow’s Events:

Clinton Twp: 6:00-9:00

Are you coming to the Midway on Saturday?  Today may be the halfway point of the month, but the midway is THE MIDWAY.  Impress everyone with your tastiest potluck dish and rack up some words.  It’s also your LAST CHANCE to order a shirt this year.

There’s a new event planning thread in the forum for Nano Boot Camp.  We want to do a one day event that’s all word wars, all the time, with an intensity you’ve only ever dreamed of.  Head over there to voice your interest.

And now, beautiful people, let’s talk.  You’ve gotten a bunch of pep talks and encouraging posts and tweets so far.  Those are all very important and very true, and you should definitely take them to heart.  But here, at this halfway point, I’m going to talk about something else.  I’m going to talk about failure.

Don’t be afraid!  This is not a bad thing.  You see, at this point in the month, we’re all pretty much in one of three spots.  Either you’re on track and confidant, or you’re near the line and starting to worry, or you’re way below the line and in despair.  It’s you guys in that last group that I’m talking to, and I say unto you: do not despair.

You know how it goes.  You got busy at work or school.  You got sick.  Your computer died.  Your hamster is in the hospital.  You hate your story.  You love your story TOO MUCH.  Your muse is MIA.  Your hands fell off.  A literal bomb went off in your house and now you have to clean it all up before Thanksgiving.  You’re barricaded in your house by zombies and have to bike pedal the generator to charge your laptop.  For whatever reason, you are deeply, desperately behind, and all the encouraging pep talks in the world are not going to help you win.  It’s just not realistically possible for you to get to 50k this year.

Well, I’m here to tell you, That.  Is.  Okay.  You wanted to win, and now you will fail, and you are sad.  That is okay.  Failure is okay.

What you should NOT do is quit.  Don’t quit!  Never quit!  Keep going, keep writing.  So you won’t hit 50.  Can you hit 40?  30?  Can you strive to write at least a little bit every day, even if it’s only a few words?  Can you make it to some of the events and have a good time, even though you’re still not reaching the line?  As long as you stick it out, you win.  If you get even a sentence out of it that you like, you win.

Give yourself permission to fail.  Embrace the failure.  That way you can at least try to learn from it and relax and have a good time.  Because if you stress yourself out, you’re just going to be unhappy, and stressing out is not going to get your wordcount any higher.

I WANT you to succeed.  I WANT you to push yourself as hard as you can to get up to that line.  I want your progress bars to turn green an you to get that winner under your name.  I want that for you.  And you’d be surprised how far behind you can be and still reach down deep and pull out more words than you thought you had inside you and come up with a big win.  But if that’s not going to happen, and you know that you can’t make it happen, I want you to be okay with yourself.

Be okay.

Now, let’s get out there and make the second half of the month even better than the first.

Here we are at the Royal Oak writein, and the current total is at about 18!  Erika and Alexis are running the mainland section of the Bean and Leave, while Owen is the Governor of The Colony.  Many thousands have been written tonight!

Our region is at over 7 million words!

Some of the leadership’s choices are up in the resources section.  If you’re looking for some interesting tools or tricks, head over there and take a look!

Tomorrow’s Events:

6:00-8:00 Commerce

6:00-7:00 Detroit

Hey, where did that weekend go?

Events today:

1:30-5:00 Farmington

7:00-9:00 Allen Park


If you want a shirt, you have until the Midway to place your order

Regional stats: 6.7 million words is nothing to sneeze at!  We’re also up to 10 shirt orders, and about $100 in cash donations.  You guys are great.

Seattle is increasing their lead day by day.  We need everyone to dig down deep and pull that extra thousand words out kicking and screaming!  We still have a chance to do this!

Today’s Events:

Clinton Twp 6:00-9:00

Troy 7:00-9:00

Regional Stats: We’re just about to hit 5 million words.  Go us!

If you want to get a shirt, you can use paypal, or give cash to any leadership at any event.  You’ll get a stamp for your punchcard, too!

We had TWENTY FIVE people at the Royal Oak writein last night!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a writein more densely populated.  And together, we wrote THOUSANDS of words.  Go us!

Today’s Events:

Commerce 6:00-8:00

Detroit 6:00-7:00

Regional Stats:  As of late Tuesday night, we have written over 4 million words.  We also cut Seattle’s lead down by over a hundred words since Monday night!  Now, they have always been starting the days ahead of us, so chances are that lead will be back up tomorrow, but we will be in a better place to bring it down further!

The end of week one.  So how are you doing?  Are you riding high and way ahead after those first days when everything is new and exciting and motivated?  Keep it up!  Week two CAN be the hardest time to keep that motivation going.  Are you lagging and frustrated? (I am!) That’s okay.  This year, your story is going to be Week II: Redemption.

Today’s Events:

6:00-9:00 Royal Oak

7:00-8:45 Farmington Hills

Regional Stats: Over 3.5 million words!  Go us.  Did you know that the Detroit region historically has a higher win percentage than Nano as a whole?  You’re already set up for success!

We have also sent over $2k to headquarters this year, and that’s no small feat!  Good job, everybody.  We’ve also been collecting your generous dollars and dimes bit by bit at events, and we should have the most recent total up soon.  Thank you.  Thank you so hard.

If you haven’t ordered your T shirt yet, now is the time!  There’s an order form in the forum in this thread:  https://nanowrimo.org/forums/usa-michigan-detroit/threads/423115

Finally, Seattle is still waaaay ahead of us, but that does not mean it is time to give up hope!  Nay, it is time to buck down!  Use the second week slump to our advantage!  We know we’re going to get a big boost from Midway, but we can’t count on that, nosirree.  We want to trim that lead TODAY!

Events Today

Farmington 1:30-5:00

Allen Park 7:00-9:00

The good: We’ve written over 3 MILLION words!  woo hoo!

The bad: Seattle is ahead of us!  Boooo!

The ugly: It’s by almost 500 words!  Come on, everyone, it’s time to get writing!

We had a great first day as a region yesterday!  A fantabulous turnout at the Royal Oak writein produced a whole buncha words.

Today’s events are: Clinton Twp writein, 6:00-9:00.  Check the forum for details.

Tomorrow’s events are:

Novi writein, 2:00-5:00

Clarkston writein, 6:00-9:00

Clinton Twp writein, 6:00-9:00


Regional stats: We’re currently at just over 1 million words as a region!  We’re ahead of Seattle by 68 words per person.  That’s not a big lead, and they have three more hours tonight than we do, so let’s get writing!

Did you know that you can comment on these posts?  It’s true!  So what are some of your favorite writing tools?

Have you ordered your T Shirt yet?  There’s a thread on the forum with a link to the google order form.  Be a styling novelist!


Today’s Events:

Farmington Hills Writein, 5:00-8:45

Royal Oak Writein 6:00-9:00

Commerce Twp Writein 6:00-8:00

Come Write In Detroit 6:00-7:00

Go to the forum for details on any of these events.


Current Regional Stats: as of 1pm today, we are sitting at about 44k words.