Bake Sale II: The Bakening

We had our bake sale, and it was GREAT!

Leadership baked our collective butts off and spent all day packing stuff up and making it pretty.  Then, at the eleventh hour….it was canceled.

Ya see, what had happened was, we were booked at our contact’s church, and we were guaranteed to have the space, unless someone died, and they needed it for solemn things.  Well……

But that’s okay!  Because all the bounty got stuffed into the church’s freezer for safekeeping and emerged fresh as the proverbial daisy.

Owen, Conor and Erika set it all up this past Sunday, and it was a tremendous success!  We sold a lot of stuff, and even though there were fewer people than we thought might be there, and we had a lot left over, everyone was SO generous.

Some of the leftovers (the ones that will keep well) are being saved for nano events, so you’d better come to Midway and Kickoff if you want cake pops!  Some of it went to provide snacks for the church’s AA meeting.  And the rest went to an employee lounge at Karmanos Cancer Center to be gobbled up by hard-working nurses.

We brought in a grand total of $302!  $300 from the bake sale itself, and dollars from one of the nurses.

This money will get the region off to a GREAT start for fundraising.  We have more swag than ever before, more events than ever before, and I am more tired than ever before!

Big shout out to the non-leadership that contributed goodies:  David from Lansing, and Mary (Erika’s SIL who she bullied into joining this year.)  and also, ERIKA’S MOM!  Who made a whole ton of stuff.

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