We are trying a NEW fundraiser this year: a bake sale!  And you’re ALL invited to help out!  Not as customers (though you can come buy things, too,) but as bakers.  Turn on the oven, get out the butter and sugar, and help us fund the region!

How it works:  On Saturday, October 6, from 12pm-5pm, we will be collecting delicious contributions at various drop points throughout the region.  (Locations below.)  On Sunday, October 7, the East Side leadership will set up the goodies at our sales location (a church that has generously allowed us to book their space, for free, for both the sale and Boot Camp) and sell our little hearts out.  Easy peasy!

What Should I Bake?  Good ideas are:

  • Whole cakes, pies, tarts, cobblers, etc
  • Big fat cookies, brownies, lemon and pecan squares, other sorts of traybakes, etc
  • Breakfast pastries like jumbo muffins, scones, whole coffeecakes, pans of cinnamon rolls, etc.
  • Breads: whole loaves, bags of rolls, quickbreads like pumpkin, banana, etc
  • Your grandma’s super special something!

What’s not so good an idea?

  • Teeny tiny individual things (unless they’re bundled together in a package.)
  • Anything that needs refrigeration.
  • Cupcakes.  (people just never buy cupcakes.)
  • Anything store bought.

Things to Remember

  • Include a label or note with your offering of what it’s called.
  • Cut traybakes like brownies into large squares (like the size of a nano sticker!) rather than tiny squares.
  • You need to bring your offering in/on something, and you won’t get that dish back, so don’t bring your favorite baking pan.  Cake circles and disposable paper baking pans are available where baking supplies are sold, or a dollar store plastic plate can look very nice.

I want to help, but I can’t bake!

That’s okay!  Maybe someone can help you!  Do you have a mom or granny who’s the baker in the family?  A brother who went through culinary school you can trade some computer repair for help?  A friend or fellow Wrimo that brings the BEST stuff to potlucks?  Maybe you can buy the ingredients and learn a valuable skill in the process.

No, seriously, I will poison someone.  There will probably be fire.

If you really want to help out, you can bring cash money to the drop zones instead of a baked good.  We will be getting some ribbons and packaging and printing thank you notes and info cards, and a little cash will help cover those things.

Can I come to the bake sale?

Sure!  There’s an address for the church below.  The sale will be from 9am-1pm.  We just have to be sure to be courteous to the parishioners and not disrupt their space.


Thanks, everybody!  With any luck, we have the chance to get the region off to a great start for the year.   If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.  If you know what you’re going to make, feel free to post it below!  Others may use it for inspiration when deciding on their own offerings.


St Michael’s Episcopal Church

20475 Sunningdale Park, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236


Drop Zones

Her House
22111 Edmunton
St Clair Shores, Mi 48080

Bean and Leaf Café
Royal Oak

Mt Clemons

Her House

His House

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