Cash Donations




T Shirts




Did you know that 100% of the funding that fuels the region comes from your donations?  It’s true!  The main nonprofit that is Nano spends its money on many worthy things, but our cozy little corner is all on us.  Also, because we are not a registered nonprofit ourselves, we can’t run a balance from one year to the next, so anything leftover on December 1st gets sent on to headquarters.  Every year we’re starting over from scratch.

How do you contribute?  Just hand some cash to any ML or Minion at any event.  That’s it!  Every penny counts.

We also have a NEW fundraising option this year: T Shirts!  Isn’t THAT exciting?




That’s a pretty spiffy design, if I do say so myself.

The shirts cost $15, or $17 for sizes 2XL and up.  We’ll be doing preorders from now until Midway.  Give your money to Owen, along with your shirt size.  The order will be placed right after Midway, and we’ll spend the rest of the month distributing shirts to anyone that gets one.  We know that having them come in towards the end of the month is not going to give people a whole ton of time to wear them this year, but let’s be real with ourselves: anyone into Nano enough to look at this shirt and go “OMG yaaaas!” is going to be with us for a long, long time.  (If you want your shirt shipped to you, also give Owen your address and an extra $7 to cover shipping.  Either way, we’re going to get them into your hands as quickly as possible.)


So, exactly what do all our hard-earned devotions get for the region, anyway?  All kinds of stuff!  Including but not limited to:


  • Button-making supplies (button parts and printing of the images)
  • This website!  (The domain name costs $12 per year.  This year we would like to cover this year’s cost, and next year’s.)
  • Paper goods for writeins and events (posterboard, stickers, markers and pens, signup sheets, handouts, postits, etc.)
  • Prizes for raffles (this is a big one.  It’s nice to have good prizes.)
  • Sundries for our various potlucky goodnesses (paper plates, napkins, cups, plastic silverware.)
  • The communal extension cord, so we can snake our way through coffeeshops throughout the month.
  • Misc supplies like the plastic badge holders for the punchcards, and lanyards for leadership so that we can be identified at events.**


If we do a really good job at fundraising this year, here are the sorts of things we would like to be able to look into:


  • Website domain further into the future.
  • Prizes for NEXT year’s raffles (We can’t rollover MONEY from year to year, but we can rollover STUFF.  Things we get at the end of this year can get us ahead of the game next year.)
  • Donating classroom kits from the main site specifically from our region, because our region is the bestest!
  • Down payments to reserve spaces for super cool writing events that we would like to plan for the future.


Finally, if you don’t have the CASH to spare, maybe you have a special talent that could be of service.  Many of us, in addition to being fancy novelists, are also artists and crafters.  Raffles and auctions, like at the Midway, can always use prizes.  A few dollars worth of materials can turn into a beautiful piece when mixed with your time and talents.






**Please note that while leadership will be having their own shirts starting this year (same design, way brighter color) we are paying for them ourselves, and our shirts will NOT be coming out of your donations.