So who’s in charge around this joint?

There are a bunch of people who do their best to keep the region ticking along.  Look for bright blue T shirts or lanyards at official events.  Any ML or Minion will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Do YOU want to be leadership?  Check out Minion Program page for more information.  For now, participant volunteers are always useful!


NaNoing since: 2004
Favorite Part of NaNo: The awesome community of writers that I get to hang out with every November!
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser? I lean more toward pantser, but I do need SOME plan.
My greatest NaNo weakness: Too much pumpkin spice latte?
Fun Facts: In my non-NaNo time, I teach high school English!
You can find me: Everywhere. I will be at events centrally located (think Royal Oak-ish) and out to the East Side most often, but I try to get as many places as I can.
Contact me: NaNoMail (theboysgonehome), nanowrimo.detroit@gmail.com
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: Team Steam Train is going to win because we know where we’re going and we’re already on track! Get it??

NaNoing since: 2006!
Favorite Part of NaNo: The writing!  I also enjoy the challenges, and the events!
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Pantser, for sure.
My greatest NaNo weakness: Procrastination.  I often am too exhausted from work to write (or do anything else, for that matter), and will put it off in favor of sitting down and doing absolutely nothing.
Fun Facts: I am a Pirate with two levels in basic Ninja skills.
You can find me: Downriver (Taylor, Wyandotte, Allen Park, Southgate, etc).  I will also be found running the write-ins at Panera-on-the-hill in Allen Park on Thursdays!
Contact me: Nano mail (rainechan) during October and November, and at the NaNoWriMotown group on Facebook all year round!
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: Submersibles have the water advantage.  Everyone knows that water is crucial to maintaining the function of every system in your body, including the brain and muscles.  Our writer brains and finger muscles were made for this!

NaNoing since: 2006
Favorite Part of NaNo: Hanging out with other writers
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser
My greatest NaNo weakness: Procrastination
Fun Facts: I have more books than you do!
You can find me: Redford / Farmington / Livonia / Dearborn area
Contact me: EBuff75@gmail.com
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: (Unknown.  Eric is an international man of mystery)


NaNoing since: 2016

Favorite Part of NaNo: The social aspect (I am a very competitive person, whoops)
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: I have both planned and pantsed, and I don’t know which I like better.
My greatest NaNo weakness: Socializing more than writing.
Fun Facts: I have two kids and a super fluffy cat, and am studying Japanese.
You can find me: At Goldfish Tea on Tuesdays, the Farmington Public Library Downtown branch on Sundays. For events, I’ll be at the second half of Kickoff, Midway Madness, and the One Last Push Party!
Contact me: analogwatch on both the NaNoWriMo website and NaNoWriMoTown Discord server!
My team is going to win the Championship Because: I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard a submarine or a hot air balloon go “choo choo.” I’m just saying.

NaNoing since: 2005
Favorite Part of NaNo: the write-ins
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser
My greatest NaNo weakness: Getting distracted by other works
Fun Facts: I also participate in Camp NaNo sessions and participated in Script Frenzy when it was a thing!
You can find me: in Farmington/Farmington Hills, Novi/Northville, and sometimes Grosse Pointe, plus major events that aren’t on week nights
Contact me: 248-252-0832 or hit me up via NaNoMail (username Rhys)
MY Team is going to win The Championship because: Submersibles are sneaky ambush predators that will beat your wordcount when you least expect it!

NaNoing since: 2009
Favorite Part of NaNo: The way the air smells like writing
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Light Planner, with less and less research done as November approaches
My greatest NaNo weakness: If I get ahead early on, I start taking breaks and inevitably fall behind again
Fun Facts: I’ve written paranormal/suspense, erotica, science fiction, fantasy, YA and comic books scripts. Apparently I can’t chose a genre
You can find me: on the East side, at write-ins on Mondays and Tuesdays and at Boot Camp because BOOT CAMP IS LIFE
Contact me: my NaNomail, Modern_Ruin
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: Because its a lot easier to see the path from up high. And your enemies.

NaNoing since: 2015
Favorite Part of NaNo: Word wars! Before I joined a region, I only did word sprints online and I would fall into a rut about halfway through the month. Attending events in person holds me to my goals, and my little Gryffindor heart loves a good competition like word wars. Plus you can win fun prizes. Am I persuading you to come to write-ins yet??
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Pantser turned plantser as of late (revising my NaNo project from 2018 taught me a LOT).
My greatest NaNo weakness: I have a bad habit of losing plot halfway through. I get lost in the fun and games of my stories and I forget what problem I want my characters to face. Or I realize that what I thought would make for good conflict on October 31st doesn’t look so good by November 10th. Then I procrastinate with Pintrest boards for my characters and…fall down rabbit holes. Don’t let me do that this year, NaNoWriMotown.
Fun Facts: I won a contest to interview James Dashner, author of the Maze Runner series, in college and then he named a character after me! I used to compete against Simone Biles (yes, the GOAT) in gymnastics! I’m fluent in Spanish and was fortunate enough to study abroad in Spain twice! I use too many exclamation points in every day messages but rarely use them in my manuscripts!
You can find me: Sundays in downtown Farmington, Tuesdays in Farmington, Thursdays in Livonia, and major events.
Contact me: NaNo mail, discord, or Twitter (all @LiztheMcWiz)
My team is going to win the Championship Because: I think I can I think I can! Come on, even Thomas the Train believes in my team. J.K. Rowling came up with the idea of Harry Potter while on a train. The Polar Express was the first book that made me want to write fanficition! Steam trains are the bomb, and they’re going to get you to your destination–50,000 words or more–in a safe and timely fashion. And guess what? There’s room for all of your characters to join you in your compartment. Does a hot air balloon have the space? Will a submersible have enough air? We’re not here to backtrack. We won’t get derailed. We’re going full steam ahead through November and beyond. All abroad Team Steam Train for success!

NaNoing since: 2014
Favorite Part of NaNo: the community that keeps me coming back every year and inspires me to better myself.
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Pantser (that’s right, I’m finally admitting it)
My greatest NaNo weakness: consistently writing every day. I can reach 50,000 pretty easily at this point, but sitting down and writing every day of the month is a much harder challenge.
Fun Facts: I speak Spanish, and lived in South America for a year. I’ve studied Spanish most of my life and am a huge linguistics nerd. As a result, whether intentionally or not, pretty much every main character I’ve ever come up with, as a part of their backstory, either has lived in a Spanish speaking country or speaks Spanish (or multiple languages).
You can find me: mostly at Macomb County write-ins, and at most of the big events
Contact me: on Discord, or on facebook
MY Team is going to win The Championship because: Cause it’s an adventure, we should go soon. We can go anywhere in a balloon! It’s an adventure. We can go high! We can see anything up in the sky.
NaNoing since: 2011
Favorite Part of NaNo: Write-ins and parties and potlucks, oh my!
Planner, Plantser, Pantser: Planner in the streets, Pantser in the sheets
My Greatest NaNo Weakness:  I spend the whole fall frantically trying to get all my miniony projects done, I wind up winging actual NaNo.  And I get super verbose and rambley, which is great for wordcount, but terrible for writing something I actually like.
Fun Facts:  I’m a baker!  You’ve probably eaten something I’ve made.  Laura and I have been doing a webcomic, Sidekick Girl, for over TWELVE YEARS.
You Can Find Me:  Mondays in Warren, Tuesdays in Royal Oak, Saturdays in St Clair Shores, and most of if not all of the major events.
Contact Me: my NaNo Mail (Majestic Potoo) or tag me on the facebook group.
MY Team is going to Win The Championship Because: The ocean has all the best writer speak.  Depth!  The unexplored!  The ocean is full of creatures and environments never before seen.  Balloons are full of hot air and trains are just so…linear.