So who’s in charge around this joint?

There are a bunch of people who do their best to keep the region ticking along.  Look for bright blue T shirts or lanyards at official events.  Any ML or Minion will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Do YOU want to be leadership?  There’s always room for more volunteers in the Minion Army.  All you need to do is tell an ML and they can give you plenty to do.  🙂

See the Minion Program page for more information.



NaNoing since: 2004
Favorite Part of NaNo: The awesome community of writers that I get to hang out with every November!
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser? I lean more toward pantser, but I do need SOME plan.
My greatest NaNo weakness: Too much pumpkin spice latte?
Fun Facts: In my non-NaNo time, I teach high school English!
You can find me: Everywhere. I will be at events centrally located (think Royal Oak-ish) and out to the East Side most often, but I try to get as many places as I can.
Contact me: NaNoMail (theboysgonehome), nanowrimo.detroit@gmail.com
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: Because we’re unicorns! Have you watched the Last Unicorn? Question answered!

NaNoing since: 2006!
Favorite Part of NaNo: The writing!  I also enjoy the challenges, and the events!
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Pantser, for sure.
My greatest NaNo weakness: Procrastination.  I often am too exhausted from work to write (or do anything else, for that matter), and will put it off in favor of sitting down and doing absolutely nothing.
Fun Facts: I am a Pirate with two levels in basic Ninja skills.
You can find me: Downriver (Taylor, Wyandotte, Allen Park, Southgate, etc).  I will also be found running the write-ins at Panera-on-the-hill in Allen Park on Thursdays!
Contact me: Nano mail (rainechan) during October and November, and at the NaNoWriMotown group on Facebook all year round!
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: We are the champions, my friend.  And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.  We are the champions.  No time for losers.  ‘Cause we are the champions of the WORLD!  In all seriousness, though…  The Dragons and Unicorns will get boggled down by the uphill battle and die. The Golden Phoenixes will die from it too, sure, but we’ll revive!  And while the dragons and unicorns are still dead, we’ll make it across the finish line.  HA! (how morbid!)

NaNoing since: 2006
Favorite Part of NaNo: Hanging out with other writers
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser
My greatest NaNo weakness: Procrastination
Fun Facts: I have more books than you do!
You can find me: Redford / Farmington / Livonia / Dearborn area
Contact me: EBuff75@gmail.com
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: Dragons. Duh…


NaNoing since: 2009
Favorite Part of NaNo: The way the air smells like writing
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Light Planner, with less and less research done as November approaches
My greatest NaNo weakness: If I get ahead early on, I start taking breaks and inevitably fall behind again
Fun Facts: I’ve written paranormal/suspense, erotica, science fiction, fantasy, YA and comic books scripts. Apparently I can’t chose a genre
You can find me: on the East side, at write-ins on Mondays and Tuesdays and at Boot Camp because BOOT CAMP IS LIFE
Contact me: my NaNomail, Modern_Ruin
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: Unicorns are known for their tenacity, stubbornness and their surprisingly high WPM. Don’t let the hooves fool you.

NaNoing since: 2004, whaaaaat
Favorite Part of NaNo: the events!
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: plantser, heavy on the pants
My greatest NaNo weakness: unnecessary commas and an inability to transition between dialogue and description
Fun Facts: honestly unsure how commas actually work, so I just kind of sprinkle them liberally and hope for the best.
You can find me: (where in the region are you located/what events do you typically attend.) Close to the border, wherever Owen can be found. Hopefully at most write ins, but that depends on work.
Contact me: deesarrachi on the site
MY Team is going to win The Championship Because: caw caw mother effer. We’re gonna work really hard and do our best!

NaNoing since: 2012
Favorite Part of NaNo: Writing with the community. Way better than writing alone.
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser
My greatest NaNo weakness: Plantser who tends to over-plan and then doesn’t write because everything is already written down. In outline form. So obviously I need to work on that.
Fun Facts: I’m hearing impaired! In my opinion, that makes me a superhero. Just call me the Amazing Writing Panther. I also am older than I look. You’re free to guess my age, I may or may not confirm it.
You can find me: Saturday Grosse Pointe write-ins, occasional Saturday Mt. Clemens write-in, Tuesday Bean and Leaf write-ins, Wednesday virtual write-ins, all major events
Contact me: NaNo Mail
MY Team is going to win The Championship because: Dragons, duh! Dragons can breathe fire and chomp the other team animals to bits without having to move their jaws wide. Why else?

NaNoing since: 2005

Favorite Part of NaNo: the write-ins

Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Plantser
My greatest NaNo weakness: Getting distracted by other works
Fun Facts: I also participate in Camp NaNo sessions and participated in Script Frenzy when it was a thing!
You can find me: in Farmington/Farmington Hills, Novi/Northville, and sometimes Grosse Pointe, plus major events that aren’t on week nights
Contact me: 248-252-0832 or hit me up via NaNoMail (username Rhys)
MY Team is going to win The Championship because: Unicorns are simply the best!  End of discussion. 😉
NaNoing since: 2011
Favorite Part of NaNo: Write-ins and parties and potlucks, oh my!
Planner, Plantser, Pantser: Planner in the streets, Pantser in the sheets
My Greatest NaNo Weakness:  I spend the whole fall frantically trying to get all my miniony projects done, I wind up winging actual NaNo.  And I get super verbose and rambley, which is great for wordcount, but terrible for writing something I actually like.
Fun Facts:  I’m a baker!  You’ve probably eaten something I’ve made.  Laura and I have been doing a webcomic, Sidekick Girl, for over ELEVEN YEARS.
You Can Find Me:  Mondays in Eastpointe, Tuesdays at the Bean and Leaf, Saturdays in Grosse Pointe, and most of if not all of the major events.
Contact Me: my NaNo Mail (Monkeydragon) or tag me on the facebook group.

MY Team is going to Win The Championship Because:  

NaNoing since: 2014
Favorite Part of NaNo: the community that keeps me coming back every year and inspires me to better myself.
Planner, Pantser, Plantser: Pantser (that’s right, I’m finally admitting it)
My greatest NaNo weakness: consistently writing every day. I can reach 50,000 pretty easily at this point, but sitting down and writing every day of the month is a much harder challenge.
Fun Facts: I speak Spanish, and lived in South America for a year. I’ve studied Spanish most of my life and am a huge linguistics nerd. As a result, whether intentionally or not, pretty much every main character I’ve ever come up with, as a part of their backstory, either has lived in a Spanish speaking country or speaks Spanish (or multiple languages).
You can find me: mostly at Macomb County write-ins, and at most of the big events
Contact me: on Discord, or on facebook
MY Team is going to win The Championship because: creativity is forged in dragon’s fire.