November 10

Saturday (Night!) Update

Can you believe it’s already the tenth?  It seems both like Nano just started, and like it’s been going on forever.  Crazy, right?

First of all, we are only two hours away from our first ever Night Owl event, a late night write in hosted by the illustrious newlyweds Joe and Dev.  All hail and many thanks to Joe and Dev for being the kind of crazy people that are willing to open their home to a bunch of weirdos from the internet.  You make the world a better place.  If you’re in the super special time window of reading this post before the event begins, you can get all of the information on the forum, where there is a thread of details, and also the address.

So it’s Saturday night.  It’s a beautiful wordy weekend.  I (Erika) just finished a very successful write in in the Detroit/Grosse Pointe area, where it took a five minute sprint to break the tie in points between the Emerald Dragons and Golden Phoenixes.  Owen and I are now at the Saturday night biggby (beause we are crazy people doing three events in a row today) both with our magical team headbands which are clearly the difference maker in words.

How about that team Championship?!  It’s going GREAT and you guys are all great.  The words are coming fast!  Participation is high!  Smack talk is smacking on facebook.  If you haven’t joined the fun yet, there is still time!  See any of the million things we have in a million places for info on taking the quiz and joining a team, or just message anyone in leadership.  Seriously, we’re having a great time and you should play.  If you have facebook and are not a member, you should join Nanowrimotown.  Although everything we post tends to get posted in many places, there are a lot of reminders, a lot of fun banter, and people post all kinds of interesting stuff, not just in November, but throughout the year.

It’s true that we are currently way behind in our war with Seattle, but that’s okay.  You know why?  Cuz it’s all in good fun, and we all want each other to succeed.  So there’s no consequence to losing!  Isn’t that great?  There are threads in both our forum and theirs for banter.  If you would like a nemesis, they still have a whole lot of people that signed up on their end that weren’t matched with any of us, and they need partners.  Not surprising, considering how many bazillions of people they have over there.  If you have a nemesis, go ahead and ask for another one!  Go nuts!  Sometimes you can make a good friend from a nemesis.

Fundraising update:  Our current fundraising efforts sit at about $60 cash, 6 posters and 3 shirts.  We need a miniumum order of 12 shirts to place the order, so if you’re on the fence, now is the time!  Cutoff for shirts and posters orders is midway, so you have one week to go.

Please especially consider a poster.  This design is year specific, and will not be available after this year.  It’s our first one, so we feel warm and fuzzy about it.  Minion Laura and I made it and we’re really proud of it.

That’s it for now!  See you tomorrow, when the second third of the month.

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