November 24

It’s The Final Countdown!

One week to go!  How the month flies by!  Doesn’t it seem like both it’s been November forever, and yet it just started a minute ago?  Such is life.  Such is Nano.

How’s it going?  Ya doing good?  Staying strong?  Fighting the good fight for your team?  (as I write this, Team Golden Phoenix is ahead by a beak!  SCREEE!)  Fighting the good fight for the region vs Seattle?  At the moment, they’re ahead of us by a measly 261 words.  If that seems like a lot,  know that at this time last year, they were ahead by probably three or four TIMES that.  I don’t remember what the final was, but I’m pretty sure it was well over a thousand words.  So even if we don’t come out on top this year, we are having a MUCH stronger year, and I’m perfectly satisfied with that.

How are your punchcards coming?  We’re at that time when people are starting to get them filled.  You’ve got a week left to go, so if you don’t have a lot of punches, how can you get caught up?  The FIRST thing you should do is make sure that you have all the stamps you have earned.  Count up all the writeins that you’ve been to.  How many major events?  Those get two!  Did you attend Kickoff week events?  We’ll give you stamps for those.  Did you get all the stamps you should have for writing seven days in a row, and for each 10k you’ve written?  Does it sound like I’m just reading off the back of the card?  Read that card!

Okay, now that you’re sure you’re where you should be, as you can see, there are two main ways to get a punch:  go to stuff, and write words.  Write those words!  Reach that next 10k!  Now find some writeins to go to and get there!  THEN, if you drop a little something in the donation jar, or hand it right to the resident ML or Minion, you get ANOTHER stamp!  Got a dollar?  Great!  Just a handful of pocket change?  That’s fine, too!  We appreciate every penny, and you get that sweet, sweet stamp.

And come to BOOT CAMP this weekend!  Two punches, three if you chip in for the pizza.  And if you can’t hit your next 10k with the intensity of the word wars we’ll be running, well, there’s not much else I can do for you.

When you DO fill your card, make sure that Minion Erika knows about it.  Send her a nanomail, comment on the forum thread, or tag her on the nanowrimotown facebook.  Or pester another leadership person to message her.  She’ll make sure that your name goes on our 2018 Hall of Fame.

Good luck!  The holiday is over, time to get back to writing!

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