November 25


This event is TODAY, and you need to come!  It is a GREAT event.

It runs from 1pm til 9pm, and the map and directions are in the calendar, and the facebook event, and the thread in the forum.

What is it?  Well, let me tell you.  We’ll meet at 1pm.  The Word Wars start at 1:30 and go constantly until about 8:15.  We will go on a tight schedule, with only fifteen minutes of break time in between each war.  Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, thirty minutes, FORTY FIVE MINUTES!  Three times!  And another thirty minutes, fifteen minutes.  Don’t worry, there’s an hour break for dinner, and the pizza is on us!  We’ll wrap things up with a small raffle.  Did you want to get a Team Championship poster, but couldn’t?  Well, here’s your chance!  We’re raffling one off.  As well as a few other odds and ends from the prize bin.

Now, keep this hush hush, but our host is a real live marine, and if we’re nice, he might yell at us to WORK HARDER.

Sound intense?  Well, it had better.  This is a write in meant to stretch you to your limits.  Last year our words per person beat out Midway!  You know how much you gotta write to beat out Midway?  A lot, that’s how much.  I wrote NINE THOUSAND WORDS last year at the inaugural (and shorter) Boot Camp, and I hope to do ten thousand this year.  That is a reasonable goal.  You can do it, too!

So many wars, so much swag, pizza, prizes, what’s not to love!  You can work off all your Thanksgiving calories through your fingers!


PS: I haven’t forgotten about doing the fundraising update.  I’ll get it done this weekend, I promise.  This past week was just too much madness.


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