November 28

How can there only be two days left?  It seems like the month has both lasted forever and also only started a minute ago.  It’s all coming to an end.  The grand finale is a mere 51 and a half hours to go.

Most of you probably know how the month is going to end for you.  Either you’re finished, ahead, on track, behind, or so behind that you know that it’s not in the cards this year.  There are a few of you, though, who are in an interesting spot.  That special place where you’re behind, but if you pull off a miracle, you just might make it.

You got this!  The final push is ahead of you, and beyond it, Victory!  (The One Last Push is Friday, and beyond that, Redford.)  Take a deep breath, turn up the music, and get to work!  Don’t fret yourself worrying about if you’re going fast enough to make it.  You just gotta run your race and don’t look at the clock until you hit that 50k!

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