November 3

Saturday General Update


FIRST of all, as of right now, we are ahead in our war with Seattle by almost 300 words!  The official widget will be up in the forum sometime today.

If you would like to be matched with a nemesis from Seattle, fill out the form HERE

Now, that war with Seattle is VERY important, and we all need to pull together to tie up our best of three fight.  But we have something even BIGGER for just us in Motown: the inaugural TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!  You’ve probably heard us talking about it.  That’s because it is awesome, it is going to be awesome, and we need you to make it awesome!  Check out the Team Championship page for more details, or the thread in the forum.

In a nutshell, we are dividing ourselves into three majestic teams:  The Golden Phoenix, the Emerald Dragon, and the Silver Unicorn.  Each team is headed by one ML and two minions, who will lead their teams to glory!

The main challenge is a word war for the whole month between the teams.  The winners will be able to sign their names in the Golden Notebook at the TGIO party.  But that’s not all!  We also have team buttons with your mythical beast, AND opportunities for extra swag!  Leadership will be running a variety of team based challenges at write ins throughout the month.  Fight for glory and buttons!

How do you get in on this most awesome of challenges?  The first step is signing up.  Go HERE to take our assignment quiz.  This highly scientific process will help us divide you into your destined team.  You’ll get an email with your team assignment, and also the names of your two nemeses, with whom you will do personal battle throughout the month.  This is separate from the war with Seattle.  You don’t HAVE to sign up for a Seattle nemesis, but if you get assigned a team by tonight, you will be assigned your team nemeses.  After that, it’s up to you how you do mighty battle.  Hardcore competition, super supportive, nothing at all; it’s all up to you and all in good fun.

But first you have to sign up!  You must!  It’s almost time to divide the teams, and there are WAY more people in our wonderful region than have currently taken the quiz, so I KNOW that some of you still need to take it.



Fundraising update:  Cash donations are estimated at around $35 currently.

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