November 4

Strategies for Success:  Write Every Day

Nothing will help you more than this.  Nothing.  No matter what you do, write EVERY day.  Update EVERY day.  First of all, your badges on the main site activate when you update multiple days in a row, and one of them is for updating all thirty days.  Yes, if it’s the fourth and you haven’t already updated that ship has sailed, but there’s twenty six days left after today, so update every single one of them.

Like we talked about before, there are going to be days when you just can’t stomach the idea of writing a word.  It’s really hard to make yourself write when everything has exploded around you, or you’re just exhausted.  But make yourself do it.  Even if it’s just a hundred words.  Even if it’s just ten.  Because if you can make yourself write ten, without the pressure to do more, you might just make it to a hundred.  And once you get to a hundred, MAYBE you can get enough momentum to make it to five hundred.  Or maybe not.  But once you miss a day, it’s WAY too easy to miss more days.  It turns into a downward spiral that leads you to a hole that feels like such an impossibility to get out of.  And even though you CAN dig yourself out of a hole, and sometimes holes happen, don’t get into the hole if you don’t have to.

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