November 5

Strategies for Success: Go to Write Ins

It’s a few days into Nano, and you might be plugging along, or you might be struggling.  Might be a little bit of both.  But so many people find that having other wrimos around is a HUGE motivator to get those words out.

You’ve been to write ins, right?  Know how they work?

Check out the calendar; it will tell you what events are going on where and when.  There is a calendar on this site, and also in our regional forum. The regional forum also has a master list of write ins, AND a thread for each event.  Throw a rock at our space and you will hit information about write ins.

No write in by you?  Want there to be one?  Check the FAQ on this page, or the How to Plan a Write In thread on the forum for instructions.

So you’re going to the write in.  You’re at the coffee shop.  Or Panara.  Or library.  Whatever.  Now what?  First, find your people.  If there’s a leadership person at the event, they will have a blue lanyard and/or a blue T shirt that says Nanowrimotown.  Just look for the crowd of nerds with laptops.  Join those nerds.  Start socializing.  Start writing.  Write ins have word wars where you will battle for swag!  Great way to boost your word count.  People will be around to encourage you.  You can get buttons!  If you’re a tangible reward driven person, write ins are the thing for you.


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