November 8

Strategies for Survival: Week 2

Also known as: Welcome to Hell.

Week two of Nano is a special sort of suffering.  The initial burst of adrenaline has worn off, but the thrill of the impending finale hasn’t kicked in yet.  Week two is the hardest to slog through.

Of course, maybe you’re the sort of person who starts strong, stays strong, and ends strong, and for you, it doesn’t matter what time of the month it is.  Sorry, kids, this post is not for you.  This is for the rest of us.  Like me, who is supposed to be in bed in a few minutes and only has about a hundred words down for the day.

Yeah, and here I am a day later, supposed to be going to bed again, still at the same words, and not likely to do much better tomorrow on my longest day of the week.  The curse of the week two is strong.

So how to cope with it?  I wish I had better answers, but the reality, is, you just have to push through.  If you’ve been following the strategies for success, hopefully you have a bit of a buffer for these slow days.  Or you’re managing to struggle through and squeeze out enough to stay on track.  Or maybe you’re falling behind a bit, but don’t worry, you can overcome this.  Just don’t get discouraged.  Every nano has a Week Two (although not always during the second week, if you know what I mean) and every nano, people manage to get through it.  You will too.

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