Today’s Events:

Clinton Twp 6:00-9:00

Troy 7:00-9:00

Regional Stats: We’re just about to hit 5 million words.  Go us!

If you want to get a shirt, you can use paypal, or give cash to any leadership at any event.  You’ll get a stamp for your punchcard, too!

We had TWENTY FIVE people at the Royal Oak writein last night!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a writein more densely populated.  And together, we wrote THOUSANDS of words.  Go us!

Today’s Events:

Commerce 6:00-8:00

Detroit 6:00-7:00

Regional Stats:  As of late Tuesday night, we have written over 4 million words.  We also cut Seattle’s lead down by over a hundred words since Monday night!  Now, they have always been starting the days ahead of us, so chances are that lead will be back up tomorrow, but we will be in a better place to bring it down further!

The end of week one.  So how are you doing?  Are you riding high and way ahead after those first days when everything is new and exciting and motivated?  Keep it up!  Week two CAN be the hardest time to keep that motivation going.  Are you lagging and frustrated? (I am!) That’s okay.  This year, your story is going to be Week II: Redemption.

Today’s Events:

6:00-9:00 Royal Oak

7:00-8:45 Farmington Hills

Regional Stats: Over 3.5 million words!  Go us.  Did you know that the Detroit region historically has a higher win percentage than Nano as a whole?  You’re already set up for success!

We have also sent over $2k to headquarters this year, and that’s no small feat!  Good job, everybody.  We’ve also been collecting your generous dollars and dimes bit by bit at events, and we should have the most recent total up soon.  Thank you.  Thank you so hard.

If you haven’t ordered your T shirt yet, now is the time!  There’s an order form in the forum in this thread:

Finally, Seattle is still waaaay ahead of us, but that does not mean it is time to give up hope!  Nay, it is time to buck down!  Use the second week slump to our advantage!  We know we’re going to get a big boost from Midway, but we can’t count on that, nosirree.  We want to trim that lead TODAY!

Events Today

Farmington 1:30-5:00

Allen Park 7:00-9:00

The good: We’ve written over 3 MILLION words!  woo hoo!

The bad: Seattle is ahead of us!  Boooo!

The ugly: It’s by almost 500 words!  Come on, everyone, it’s time to get writing!

We had a great first day as a region yesterday!  A fantabulous turnout at the Royal Oak writein produced a whole buncha words.

Today’s events are: Clinton Twp writein, 6:00-9:00.  Check the forum for details.

Tomorrow’s events are:

Novi writein, 2:00-5:00

Clarkston writein, 6:00-9:00

Clinton Twp writein, 6:00-9:00


Regional stats: We’re currently at just over 1 million words as a region!  We’re ahead of Seattle by 68 words per person.  That’s not a big lead, and they have three more hours tonight than we do, so let’s get writing!

Did you know that you can comment on these posts?  It’s true!  So what are some of your favorite writing tools?

Have you ordered your T Shirt yet?  There’s a thread on the forum with a link to the google order form.  Be a styling novelist!


Today’s Events:

Farmington Hills Writein, 5:00-8:45

Royal Oak Writein 6:00-9:00

Commerce Twp Writein 6:00-8:00

Come Write In Detroit 6:00-7:00

Go to the forum for details on any of these events.


Current Regional Stats: as of 1pm today, we are sitting at about 44k words.

The Kickoff is behind us, and was an amazing success, as usual. A big congrats to the three winning cookoff entries: Scotch eggs, turkey taco ring, and coconut tres leches. (PS: I WANTED tres leches that day, did not have time to make it, and was so excited to have some. And it was so good! And I don’t like coconut! But it was so good!)

It seems that we had a good big handful of new faces, too! Welcome to this mad noveling venture.

So…three days! I’m sure the pantsers are raring to go, but the planners are all freaking out right about now.

If you’re cruising this site for the first time: welcome! Pardon our dust! I’m going to try to have everything set up between now and the first.

Three. Days.