Punchcard Hall of Fame


Step 1: Get a punchcard from any ML or Minion at any Nano event.

Step 2: Add your name and user name, and decorate your card as you see fit!  Your punchcard is also a name badge so that people can see who you are!

Step 3: Earn punches by completing the tasks on the back of the card.  When your card is full, you get featured in the Hall of Fame AND get a limited edition button.




Tuesday, November 14th:

Eva, aka d-lueth

Saturday, November 18th:

Amier aka TA Aberforth

Alex aka ARO105

Erika aka Monkeydragon

Conor aka BlaiddEmrys

Toni aka Tharidra

Tuesday, November 21st:

Alexis, aka TheShadowPanther

Joe, Joseph_of_Orb

Go Away Conor, aka theboysgonehome


 Nellie  Alexis
 nellie_ramona  TheShadowPanther
 11/30/16  11/29/16
   Erika    Beth
 Monkeydragon  deesarrachi
 11/26/16  11/26/16
   Owen    Conor
 theboysgonehome  BlaiddEmrys
 11/26/16  11/16/16
   Jesse  Toni
 Blood and Paper  Tharidra
 11/25/16  11/19/16
   Raine    Nox
 Rainechan  Noxomra
 11/19/16  11/19/16
   Raenna    Alex
 Victoria RF  AR0105
 11/19/16  11/15/16