Punchcard Hall of Fame


Step 1: Get a punchcard from any ML or Minion at any Nano event.

Step 2: Add your name and user name, and decorate your card as you see fit!  Your punchcard is also a name badge so that people can see who you are!

Step 3: Earn punches by completing the tasks on the back of the card.  When your card is full, you get featured in the Hall of Fame AND get a limited edition button.




November 10
Erika aka Monkeydragon


November 15
Owen aka Theboysgonehome


November 17
Alex aka ARo105
Conor aka BlaiddEmrys
Kat aka Evaine Wallace


November 19
Alexis aka TheShadowPanther


November 20
Erin aka Analogwatch
Dierdre aka dmichellec


November 24
Amier aka TA Aberforth
Beth aka DeeSarrachi
Joe aka Joseph of Orb


November 25
Michelle aka Rhys
Laura aka Modern_ruin


November 26
Ana akaAnajani


November 28
Natalie aka Nellie_ramona
Raenna aka VictoriaRF


November 30
Raine aka Rainechan
David Conrad aka DavidConrad
Stephanie aka bibliorose
Jordan aka Jordan J Scavone




In Memorium:  To all the brave souls who completed their punchcard after the 21st, whose records were lost to the brick of Conor’s computer, we see you.  We salute you.  We remember you.  (Except we don’t, so we can’t update the page.)

Tuesday, November 14th:

Eva, aka d-lueth

Saturday, November 18th:

Amier aka TA Aberforth

Alex aka ARO105

Erika aka Monkeydragon

Conor aka BlaiddEmrys

Toni aka Tharidra

Tuesday, November 21st:

Alexis, aka TheShadowPanther

Joe, Joseph_of_Orb

Go Away Conor, aka theboysgonehome


 Nellie  Alexis
 nellie_ramona  TheShadowPanther
 11/30/16  11/29/16
   Erika    Beth
 Monkeydragon  deesarrachi
 11/26/16  11/26/16
   Owen    Conor
 theboysgonehome  BlaiddEmrys
 11/26/16  11/16/16
   Jesse  Toni
 Blood and Paper  Tharidra
 11/25/16  11/19/16
   Raine    Nox
 Rainechan  Noxomra
 11/19/16  11/19/16
   Raenna    Alex
 Victoria RF  AR0105
 11/19/16  11/15/16