Welcome to our shop! All proceeds fund local resources and activities for NaNoWriMo. Additional funds leftover at the end of the year are donated to NaNoWriMo at large.

All orders must be placed by midnight, Nov 17th (Midway)! This gives us time to order the correct prints in time for the end of the month.

Shipping: If you plan to pick up your order at an end-of-month event, or arrange a pick-up with leadership, there will be no shipping charge to you! If, however, you would like your items shipped to your home (or wherever, really, we’re not picky), please also purchase the item¬†shipping. Please purchase¬†shipping once for each kind of item you’re buying (for example, two t-shirts need shipping purchased only once, but an order of 1 t-shirt and 1 poster requires shipping being purchased twice, since we’d need to ship in a box and a poster tube).

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