Three Days to Go!

The Kickoff is behind us, and was an amazing success, as usual. A big congrats to the three winning cookoff entries: Scotch eggs, turkey taco ring, and coconut tres leches. (PS: I WANTED tres leches that day, did not have time to make it, and was so excited to have some. And it was so good! And I don’t like coconut! But it was so good!)

It seems that we had a good big handful of new faces, too! Welcome to this mad noveling venture.

So…three days! I’m sure the pantsers are raring to go, but the planners are all freaking out right about now.

If you’re cruising this site for the first time: welcome! Pardon our dust! I’m going to try to have everything set up between now and the first.

Three. Days.

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